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The Cardiovascular Autonomic Reactivity (CAR) Laboratory includes a state-of-the-art dyadic psychophysiological laboratory that has two adjacent rooms of lab space for a control room and an observation room. The CARLab is located on the ground floor of the HDFS Palmer building for easy access for participants. The rooms are equipped with dyadic impedance cardiography for simultaneous measurement of the autonomic nervous system of two individuals that is easily monitored in real-time from the adjoining control room or, for off-site collection, can be imported and monitored at a later time. The rooms are also equipped with dyadic wired EMG, audio/visual monitoring with full pan/zoom/tilt. Directed by Dr. Birdie Shirtcliff and the SPIT lab team, the CARlab often is used for research projects that seek to have a wide range of stress biomarkers, such as integrating salivary cortisol with ANS recordings.