Wellbeing and Exercise Lab

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The Wellbeing and Exercise (WellEx) laboratory is focused on understanding how exercise and sedentary activities are related to mental health and wellbeing. The laboratory’s overall goal is to help people change behavior to improve their psychological health and reduce the impact of chronic conditions (e.g., depression, chronic pain, fatigue, etc.). We look at the psychological effects of single sessions of exercise, chronic exercise training, regular physical activity, and high sedentary time.

The WellEx Lab is led by associate professor Jacob Meyer

Jacob Meyer, PhD

Dr. Meyer is an expert on the neurobiological effects of exercise on depression and his research is designed to capitalize on the psychological effects of exercise for major depressive disorder and other mood disorders. This research examines the biology that is associated with the mood-enhancing effects of acute and chronic exercise with the goal of using that to both prevent serious mental health concerns and treat those suffering from mental illness. His primary research focus is on depression, but also has interest in using both aerobic and resistance exercise in the prevention and treatment of all types of psychological concerns (anxiety, stress, fatigue, etc.).

Current research projects in the WellEx Lab include evaluating the physical and mental effects of COVID-19-related behavioral changes, assessing the effect of changing sedentary time in patients with chronic low back pain, determining the influence of exercise on brain health in depression, and assessing the immunological relationships of exercise in depression.

Significant Collaborators:

Laura Ellingson-Sayen, PhD, assistant professor, Western Oregon University. Involved in SUMIT, SPARC and EBH in a consultancy role.

You can donate to the Wellbeing and Exercise Laboratory through the ISU Foundation.