Welcome to the CardioRACE Research Trial!

Welcome to the CardioRACE Research Trial!

“It’s difficult to know where to begin in describing how CardioRACE has changed my life in the last nine months. The personnel have been knowledgeable, supportive, and available the entire time. As a 64 year old grandmother who was taking medications when I started this study, I had my doubts as to what improvements I would see. I couldn’t lift more than 40 lbs., couldn’t walk up stairs without becoming breathless, and couldn’t jog continuously for 2 minutes. Simple household chores or gardening would leave me sore for days. The first weeks in the study, I learned how to properly use the equipment and [was] given information on following a DASH diet. Everyone was helpful and answered every question I asked. The atmosphere was so positive. I never felt that I was being judged. I did feel that everyone wanted me to succeed! The program had many checkpoints with feedback to help me understand where I was and what new goals to work towards. With only two months left, I no longer need to take prescription medication. My personal physician is thrilled with my numbers, and very interested in me continuing with this program. I’m able to leg press over 200 lbs. and jog for 25 minutes! My children have noticed not only my physical improvements but also my improved emotional status. I wish everyone had this opportunity. It truly is life changing.”

CardioRACE is investigating the effects of aerobic only, resistance only, and a combination of aerobic and resistance exercise training on heart disease prevention.

Participants engage in personalized exercise programs 3 times per week for 1 year: 1) aerobic exercise, 2) resistance exercise, 3) a combination of both, or 4) delayed, preferred exercise (wherein participants receive a 1-year supervised exercise program of their choice after the study).  All exercise is monitored by an innovative exercise training computer system.  Everyone receives individual counseling with a registered dietitian on The DASH Diet, developed by the National Institutes of Health to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and prevent heart disease and stroke.  Everyone gets free comprehensive health assessments (blood lipids, % body fat, metabolic function, bone health using DXA, fitness level, cardiac function, & more!)

CardioRACE is no longer recruiting new participants, but if you are interested in learning more about the study:

Contact us directly at CardioRACE@iastate.edu OR fill out the contact form below!

This research trial is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (R01HL133069).